About Us

Long's Carpet, Inc. is a family owned and operated flooring distributor based in Dalton, Georgia since 1976. The vast majority of all carpet in the world is manufactured and distributed right here from our small town.

Our goal is to save you very significant amounts of money on any flooring product you may need.

We deeply discount carpet and other floors direct to the public. Because of the distribution networks established in our area, we can ship carpet and flooring anywhere in the U.S.. Buying direct means you get significantly lower prices than retailers in your area can offer.

WHY ARE OUR PRICES SO LOW? Many retailers in your area will claim our products are seconds or off quality. This is not true. While we do offer those type products on request, all of our supported products are Guaranteed first quality and carry full warranties. Our pricing is lower because of our MARKET STRATEGY and BUYING POWER. We sell in volume and need not maintain an expensive retail storefront. You are paying the same freight on the products that your retailer would pay minus the high overhead and profits of the retail store. If you are outside the state of Georgia you also save the sales tax.

Another way we save money for you is by REBRANDING brand name products. Many highly advertised products offered by the manufacturers have minimum sell prices and limited distribution. They build big profit margins into these programs and try to protect dealers who buy into the programs. This means more profit for the manufacturer and more profit for the dealer. We find same or similar products that we can buy at commodity prices and pass the saving along to you. Often times the product is from the exact same inventory. When we buy these products you get the same performance without paying for the hype.

If you can accept the receipt of the materials and arrange the installation yourself (or with our help), you don't need the retailer. We can help you locate an installer in your area through our referral database and often time they will pick up your materials from the freight depot.

Our flooring prices are among the most competitive of any you will find anywhere. While we offer brand names we recommend looking through our 'SMART' series of products for maximum value. We can successfully guide you through the experience of buying direct, as we have done on a daily basis for years, and you will save a bundle.

Please try us and see why we have been successful for over 38 years. You really can have great service and great prices while feeling confident in our long established reputation.

Feel free to browse our site and call (706-277-2552) or Contact Us with any questions or comments.

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